Collective Minds Radiology

Collective Minds Radiology is a healthcare collaboration company. Our services include clinical consultation, sponsored and academic research, and education. We help institutions and consortiums to build healthcare data repositories and analysis tools. Headquartered in Stockholm Sweden with product engineering in Barcelona Spain, partnering with customers all over Europe.

Collective Minds Radiology builds an online global collaboration platform for radiology and medical imaging. The platform manages full industry standard DICOM stacks, complex patient cases containing multiple radiological studies, and comes with an integrated, exchangeable zero-footprint viewer. The platform comes ready for pluggable AI algorithms to interact with the human community, deploys a fast and stateless integration proxy at participating hospitals and was designed to allow for tailoring of many differentiated workflows within the platform.

Role in the project

Collective Minds Radiology leads WP1 of the AI-POD project, developing and providing a system for multi-modal healthcare big data storage, curation and processing, including data privacy protection and information safety supervision functions.

The work comprises platform development and deploy, agile development of consortium specific features and requests, workflow and data model finalization, development/adaption of pseudonymization solution, connection of clinical partners, and data ingestion (on-site proxy and retrospective batch procedure). Further, the work will include subject-centric structuring and connectivity for AI developing partners, including establishment of  data routing paths, access and processing paths for AI technology developers.


Anders Nordell,

Anders Nordell, MSs (Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder) is responsible for business development and sales. Anders has a 20- year career in MedTech with experience from Karolinska, Stanford and most recently as a commercial leader at GE Healthcare, responsible for imaging equipment sales teams in the Nordic region.

Pär Kragsterman

Pär Kragsterman, MSc, (CTO & Co-founder) is our CTO and leads the technical development. Pär has previously been the global IT-architect for PepsiCo. He has a 20-year career in building and managing global IT platforms.

Hilde Kjernlie Andersen

Hilde Kjernlie Andersen, MSc, (Product Specialist) is a project manager at Collective Minds Radiology with responsibility for customers both in research and in the clinical space. Hilde has a background in medical physics, with 18 years of experience from diagnostic physics at Oslo university hospital.

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