Brightfish B.V.

Brightfish’s mission is to make healthcare measurable, effective, and personal. The company, belonging to the LOGEX group, was founded in 2011 and offers a suite of software as a service solution in digital health. Combining native iOS and Android interfaces applications for end users with smart back-end systems which can integrate with many existing IT systems, Brightfish facilitates data collection on multiple levels with the delivery of user-friendly applications for healthcare professionals and patients.

Since its foundation the organisation went through a rapid expansion and currently employs 65 people across 9 countries servicing more than 200 customers. With offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the Nordics and the Netherlands, Brightfish demonstrates a strong European presence. Millions of patients trust Brightfish with their healthcare data and Brightfish is the go-to partner for large research organisations and many hospitals.

Brightfish has extensive experience with large data collection projects up to a national level covering hundreds of thousands of cases per year, in some cases aggregating data from hundreds of hospitals.

Role in the project

Brightfish will be developing a mobile Citizen app for Android and iOS. The app’s first user experience will be tested, and a technical plan will be developed to ensure proper delivery and distribution of the app while adhering to regulations. The app will store and display patient data in an easy-to-understand way. The app will show laboratory test results, clinical and imaging data, and lifestyle information obtained The app will exchange data based on LOINC, SNOMED CT, and FHIR. Brightfish will handle the app’s front and back-end infrastructure.


Fabio Catarinella

Dr Fabio Catarinella is the Chief Medical Information Officer of the Brightfish Group. After he earned his MD degree at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam in 2010, he went to Maastricht to acquire a PhD in outcome measurements of venous surgery (2012-2019). Since 2020, he has a research position at the department of Vascular Surgery at the Amsterdam University Medical Center. Dr Catarinella’s medical interests are in the field of phlebology, including clinical research about quality of life, value-based healthcare, deep venous obstruction, and chronic venous diseases.

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